Obituary for Johnny Caniff

Johnny Caniff- A telegram was received this afternoon from St Paul, Minn., announcing the death of Johnny Caniff at the residence of his aunt, Mrs. Caniff Hanlon in that city this morning, from heart trouble, aged fourteen years.† He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Caniff, formerly Nally Conlan, of this city, and lived with his parents at Rosemont, Minn.† Last Spring he was in poor health and accompanied by his mother, sister and brother he came in May to spend the summer with (one entire line unreadable) did improve and the physician advised his mother to take him back home.† They started on Wednesday but he took worse by the way and they stopped off at St Paul with his fatherís sister, Mrs. Hanlon, where he died before reaching home.† He was a bright cheery little lad and his death is a sad blow to his parents, two brothers and three sisters, who are left to mourn his death.† It was also a sad home going for Mrs. Caniff, as this was the first visit to Steubenville since her marriage, eighteen years ago.† The interment of her boy will take place in St. Paul.†