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William and Mary Cahill – The Cahill family of Steubenville, Ohio originated with William Cahill who was born in Ohio in 1823. While this story will concentrate on his family alone, it’s my belief that William Cahill was part of a large Cahill family that settled in Jefferson, Carroll, and Tuscarawas counties. These early pioneers descend from William Cahill, born about 1710, who migrated from Dublin, Ireland before 1730 to Maryland. It’s his children that migrated to Pennsylvania then later moved into Ohio before 1800. I can only speculate who William Cahill’s parents were. According to naming practices of that era, it was customary to name your first son after your father. If he followed this tradition, he named his first son, Kinsey. Was it after his father or a favorite uncle, I do not know.

An early pioneer to Ohio was Kinsey Cahill who was born ca. 1775 to Dennis and Dinah Cahill. It is believed that Dennis Cahill was the son of William and Ellen (O’Connor) Cahill from Maryland. Kinsey Cahill lived in Jefferson and surrounding counties during his life time. As a young man he married Mary (nee unknown) and they had at least five children. In 1798, he was a member of the Jury in Jefferson County. His first wife, Mary Cahill must have died, because in 1838 Kinsey Cahill married Mary Ann Coonrod in Jefferson County. Throughout his adult life Mr. Cahill bought and sold land. He was a shoemaker by trade and must have been a prosperous one. In 1850, “Kins” and Mary A. Cahill reside in Tuscarawas County and it’s believed that he died about that time. Perhaps a will or probate record would shed light into this mystery of who his children actually were, but none was found. All this researcher knows is, there has been a Kinsey Cahill in my family for three generations. On that thought, I begin the story of William and Mary (Taylor) Cahill.

Mary Taylor was born 11 May 1823 in Renfrew, Scotland. She was of Irish descent, born to Robert and Sarah Taylor. As a girl of twelve she traveled to American with her parents. The Taylor family migrated to Jefferson County, Ohio. In early childhood, she gave heart to Christ and lived a consist Christian life. In 1838, she joined the Methodist Episcopal Church. Like many girls of her day, she was taught cooking, sewing, gardening and other household chores by her mother, These skills would help her when she had a family of her own. As she grew into womanhood, Mary Taylor met her future husband, William Cahill.

In the early years of boyhood, William Cahill spent his days helping his father. He had no formal schooling because he could neither read nor write. As a young man, William learned the trade of Dyer. A dyer was someone who put the coloring into the wool. It is believed that he worked at a Woolen Factory. In later years, he would farm land in Ohio and Illinois. In the spring of 1844, he married Mary Taylor in Jefferson County, Ohio. To this union thirteen children were born:

  1. Sarah Jane – born 1845, Steubenville, Ohio. After the Civil War, she traveled to McDonough County, Illinois with her family. She married William H. Hall 17 Mar. 1867. Two children: Allie S. born 1872 and an infant boy, birth unknown, died 31 Jan.1876. It is unknown where or when Sarah died.

  2. Kinsey – born 25 Apr. 1846 in Steubenville, Ohio. He worked as a miner before the Civil War. In March of 1865, he traveled to Camp Chase in Franklin Co., OH to enlist at the age of nineteen. He served as a private in Co. “H” of the 195th OVI. After the war he traveled to McDonough Co., IL. He married Sarah Elizabeth Bowen on 5 Jun. 1870. They had two children: Ada and Frank.  Kinsey and Sarah later moved to Oregon and more children were born including: Minnie Ola Mae, Edward, and Randal. In 1925, Kinsey lost his wife and his two daughters, Ada Cahill Wright and Minnie Cahill Lemmon cared for him. On 29 Jan. 1929 he died and he and his wife are buried in IOOF Cemetery in Salem, Oregon.

  3. Lorena “Laura” – born in 1848 in Steubenville, Ohio. She married Thomas J. Shepherd on the 28 Jul. 1867 in McDonough Co., IL. Their children were: Mollie, Edward, Wesley and the fourth child is unknown. Laura died 8 Apr. 1879 and is buried near her father in Spring

  4. Mary E. – born in 1850 in Steubenville, Ohio and died before 1860.

  5. Thomas – born 15 Feb. 1854 in Steubenville, Ohio. He traveled to IL with his parents and then married Alice Hall on 10 Nov. 1878 in Sciota, McDonough Co., IL. Alice and Thomas were cousins. Their children were: Ada, Blanch, and Frank.  Thomas died in Phoenix, AZ where he was living with his son and is buried in Cuba Cemetery in Fulton Co., IL.

  6. Benjamin – born in Steubenville, Ohio. He settled in McDonough Co., IL. He married Ellen “Ella” Wilson on 22 Jan. 1880. Their children were: Grace, and Mabel. Benj. died on 12 Dec. 1888 at the age of thirty-two.

  7. Randolph – born in Steubenville, Ohio. He moved with his parents to IL. He resided with his brother Benjamin in 1880. He helped on the farm they rented. No other information has been researched concerning Randolph.

  8. Anna B. & Luella (twins) – born in 1858 in Steubenville, Ohio. No other information is known about them at this time. They were not with the Cahill family in McDonough Co., IL.

  9. Anna B. & Luella (twins) – born in 1858 in Steubenville, Ohio. No other information is known about them at this time. They were not with the Cahill family in McDonough Co., IL.

  10. .Maggie – born in 1861 in Steubenville, Ohio. She moved with her parents to IL. She met and married Andrew E. Johnson on 18 Sep. 1879. Andrew was born in Sweden. They had a daughter, Minnie born in Sep. of 1880. Andrew died in Sep. of 1890 and Maggie traveled to Iowa to visit family. She died 9 Feb. 1891 at the home of her brother, Thomas in Sciota.

  11. Kate – born in 1862 in Steubenville, Ohio. After the Civil War she traveled with her family to IL.  She married Thomas J. Payne on 16 Oct. 1884 in Sciota. Thomas came from Ohio too. He was the son of James Payne and Sarah Boyd.

  12. Elizabeth “Liz”- born 28 Sep. 1865 in Steubenville, Ohio. She traveled with her parents to IL. In 1887, she married Antoine Edward Perkins, who was the son of Augustus Perkins and Isabelle McCuen. That same year they moved to Iowa. They had nine children: Luella, Elwood, John, Mary Bell, Eva, Sarah, Theodore, Lela, and Mildred. Liz died at her home on 26 Jan. 1942. Antoine died on 16 Mar. 1948.

  13. Dora – born 1871 in IL. She only lived a short time. On 3 Mar. 1877 she died at the age of 4 years and 11 months old. She is buried in the Spring Creek Cemetery, Emmet, McDonough Co.
William and Mary Cahill remained in Steubenville throughout the Civil War years. Sometime after the war, they migrated to Illinois and settled in McDonough County. This part of IL was farming country and here the family lived where their life centered on family, neighbors, church and hard work. They watched some of their children grow old… they also knew the pain of losing