(Jefferson County Lines Newsletter Summer 2010)
Copies of this newsletter may be requested which include several photos of the Cable Family.)

Cable Family Reunion – November 1896
“100th Anniversary of the Cable Homestead”
Located in Pottery Addition - Island Creek Township

Overlooking the Ohio River

Cable Family Celebrated “100th”
100th Anniversary of Cable Homestead, 1896
Front cover photo and all other photo’s and family history were shared by chapter member Mike Sibbersen.

Front page photo: Sanford Cable Family, “on the porch at the Cable homestead.” Front L to R: Nancy Jane (McGill), Cable holding Claude, Alta Mary Cable, Margaret (Bell) Cable, Howard Fulton Cable (s/o George), Sanford Cable, Earl Cable (s/o Will Cable). Back L to R: George Hanlin Cable, Robert Herron Cable, Gertrude (Castner) Cable (w/o Mark), Mark Edward Cable, Emma (Mechling) Cable (w/o Will), William Cable.

The following is remarks concerning the picture shared by Mike: The picture of the Cable homestead were  given to me from copies in the early 1980’s by Tom Schuck, who is a descendant from the Sanford Cable’s direct line. He and I visited the site (below photo) and it was all grown up with high weeds.” 
Mike states: “As I understand it, the double galleries faced the river side. There was a center hall in the main block with quite large rooms to either side.  The photo above was taken in 1979.” [The home is now gone, 2010]


DEATH OF OLD CITIZEN – Mr. Ephraim Cable, the oldest native in the State, died at his residence in Island Creek township, about four miles above the city this morning at ten minutes before two o’clock. He was born in the 15th day of March, 1787, and was consequently aged 88 years, 8 months and 19 days…He was the first white person born in Ohio, his father having moved hither in 1785 and built the block house at Cable’s Ferry known as Cable’s block house. He died on the same farm on which he was born, and where he has lived all his life. He will be missed...and his death has severed another link connecting us with the early days of our Western country. His funeral will take place from his late residence tomorrow afternoon at one o’clock. (Newspaper name and date not included. It was probably the Western Herald, the local Steubenville newspaper.)

FUNERAL OF MR. CABLE – The funeral of Ephraim Cable, which took place from his late residence yesterday afternoon, was very largely attended in spite of the disagreeable weather. Rev. Joseph Buchanan, of this city, and Rev. Mr. Kerr, of Allegheny College, officiated. The pall bears were all over fifty years of age, and consisted of the following persons: William Inglebright, James Chambers, William Taylor, John Dobbs, Beatty McFarland, David Robinson, James McElroy, Michael Knee, James Cooper, Jesse L. Flemming, Mark Bell and Peter Foley. The remains were interred in the family burying place on the old farm. (Newspaper not identified or dated.)

WILL OF EPHRIAM CABLE, SR.  -  In the matter of the Last Will and testament of Ephraim Cable, December 9, 1875. I Ephraim Cable of the County of Jefferson in the State of Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament…Item I – I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid. Item II – I give and devise to whosoever may be my housekeeper during my last sickness for her care and attention to me one cow, one bed stand and bedding, such as she may select.  Item III – I will and direct that all my personal property except as before devised be sold and that out of the proceeds therof together with any money I may leave on hand at my death, my executors hereafter named place over the graves of my deceased children Benjamin B. Cable and Isaac H. Cable and over the graves of my deceased brothers Benjamin Cable and Samuel Cable and also my grave making in all five in number tombstones of a suitable kind.
CABLE, will, continued - Each not more than fifty dollars in value. Item IV – The residue of said personal property and the proceeds therefrom together with the residue of money, I give and devise to my children, Phillip Cable, Richard Cable, Ephraim Cable, Thomas Cable, Caroline Price, Margaret Sanders, Mariah Simpson, Sarah Powells, William Walker Cable, Sanford Cable, Polly Hamilton, and the children of Dolly Rogers taking the share their mother would be entitled to were she living. Item V – Having her to fore made provision for my children by advancement and otherwise such I design them to have from my Estate except my two sons William Walker Cable and Sanford Cable. I do and devise to the said William Walker Cable and Sanford Cable, their heirs and assign forever the farm on which I now reside situated in Island Creek township…containing about two hundred acres of land subject to a charge as a lien theron of the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid by my said sons William and Sanford. To my daughter Polly Hamilton now residing in California in the event she returns to the state…Item VI – I do hereby appoint and nominate my said sons William and Sanford executors of this my last will…23(?) day of February AD 1867. E. Cable

Grandfather, Ephraim Cable, Sr.
L – with tie and bandana, G.W. Weiser, Corner Fourth and Market Streets, Steubenville, Ohio (photographer) R - With full beard, hat & walking stick or cane. Elliott & Filson photography, Steubenville, Ohio. Original pictures are in the possession of Michael Sibberson, 4th great grandson (2010).

 History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, pg. 479 – Philip Cable a native of Berks county, Pa., was also a pioneer of 1795 – if not before – and one of the most notable ancients of this section. He was appointed judge of the territorial court and a Justice of the Peace for Jefferson county...He was very popular among the young folks who desired to enter the holy bonds, and he is said to have had such an excellent practice that he adopted a sort of brief stereotype ceremony that invariably wound up with the words, “Give me my dollar, kiss your bride, and go about your business.” Having no one present on one occasion but the bride and bridegroom, he called his wife and colored servant, saying “in the presence of my wife, Dolly, and Black harry, I pronounce you man and wife – give me my dollar, etc.”

CABLE FAMILY GRAVEYARD – (Editor’s comments, by Flora L. VerStraten.)  The Cable family graveyard was purchased around 1960 by the Pavlik family and not long after the business, Barium Chemicals was built on/near the land where the homestead and family graveyard was located.  Those buried in the old family graveyard were re-interred to the Steubenville Union Cemetery. As I understand it, the Cable family was buried in a mass grave. My concern is for those that were not identified or unknown unmarked burials when the re-interred occurred. There is no way of knowing how many graves/burials were or were not moved due to the simple fact that there were no exact records of who was buried there, other than Ephraim’s will, where he references his immediate family that had no tombstones. Also, we need to consider that there were/are notes showing incorrect inscriptions/dates at the Union Cemetery. For example, the tombstone for William Walker reads that he died May 1, 1825, 37 years, 8 months. However, other family and genealogical records show his death was in 1823.

Tombstone Inscriptions and Family Records, Esther Powell, chapter holds copyright to this publication. (This book can be purchased from our chapter website or from page 20 of this newsletter.) CABLE FAMILY RECORDS – Captain Judge Philip Cable was the son of Col. Abraham Cable, of Bedford Co., Pa., of Revolutionary War fame, who with his Company was present at the surrender of Yorktown. He loaned the government a large sum of gold to assist the financing of Washington’s army. Capt. Philip Cable was born 1754 and died 1812. He was a soldier of the Revolutionary War. At the first court northwest of the Ohio River, at Steubenville, Capt. Cable was appointed the Judge by Winthrop Sergeant. The first court room was on the ground where the present court house now stands, and first court held on Jan. 2, 1797. Capt. Cable was one of the officials to whom the ground was deeded to the City of Steubenville by Bazelel Wells, for $5.00 on Aug. 15, 1792.

CABLE FAMILY, continued - Union Cemetery, Steubenville, Ohio – The Cable family was moved from the family graveyard at Cable’s bend to Steubenville Union Cemetery, by the Albert Pavlik family, who bought the land. A monument now marks the graves. Removals on Oct. 29, 1965.
1.       Cable, Ephraim, died 4 December, 1875, aged 88 years, 8 months, 19 days
2.       Cable, wife Sally, died 16 April 1861, aged 60 years, 11 months, 27 days
3.       Cable, an adult no grave marker
4.       Cable, Samuel, son of Philip & Dorothy, died 20 April, 1819, aged 25 years, 4 months, 8 days
5.       Cable, Benjamin, son of Philip & Dorothy, died 16 January 1813, aged 27 years
6.       Cable, Dorothy, wife of Philip, died 20 January 1830, aged 60 years, 9 months
7.       Cable, Philip, died 26 December 1812, aged 50 years, 5 months
8.       Melissa, wife of John Collins, died 19 September, 1865, aged 22 years, 5 months, 13 days
9.       William Walker, died 1 May, 1825, aged 37 years, 8 months
10.    Cable, an adult, no grave marker
11.    Cable, Isa---, child’s grave
12.    Cable, Benja---, child’s grave

Steubenville Herald, Friday April 5, 1867 – SAD ACCIDENT – Mr. William Cable, an old citizen residing near Wintersville, this county, met with a severe accident some two weeks since, which will probably result fatally. Mr. Cable has been subject to fits for some years, and on the evening of the accident was visiting a neighbor’s, and returned to his home after the family had retired. The evening being cool, he seated himself by the fire, and while sitting there was seized with a fit and fell with his foot and leg in the fire, burning it almost to a crisp before he was rescued. Medical aid was at once summoned and the wound dressed, and up to yesterday the patient was in a fair way to recover, when lockjaw took place. He was living this morning, but little hope is entertained of his recovery. Steubenville Herald, Friday April 12, 1867 – LOCAL MATTERS – Friday, April 5- OLD CITIZEN GONE – Mr. William Cable, Cross Creek Township, this county, who met with a casualty, already noticed in the Herald, died of lockjaw, Tuesday last in the 60th year of his age.

FAMILY GROUP RECORD – Judge Philip/Phillip Cable, 20th Century History Steubenville, pg. 451 “Philip Cable was reared the elder child of a family of 12.” Birth dates are conflicting – on the family group sheet it shows his birth as July 1754. The tombstone in Union Cemetery shows 1762. Philip married Matilda Dorothy/Dorothea “Dolly” Walker in 1785. His parents were Lt. Col. Abraham Cable and Mary Magdalena. Their children were: Ephraim, Dorothy, Delilah, Benjamin, Samuel, Hannah. In some records, there appears an Andrew and Timothy. However, Mike believes these are his grandsons, not his sons.
Cable-Schrock Cemetery, Berlin PA
Photo courtesy of Donna Tivener, shared by Mike


Abraham Cable (father of Philip). His grave has a bronze marker with the American flag (far back center, above). The cemetery is on the North View Farm, 1 mile north of Berlin, PA, (Farmed owned by Calvin and Mary Elizabeth (Knepper) Will.

 “History of Abraham Cable” as presented at the dedication at his graveside service – Abraham was born in Europe in 1729 and immigrated to America as a child with his parents and older sister, Barbara. His parents were Philip and Mary Brady Cable. Abraham was born in Switzerland and his parents fled from religious persecution in the Palatine of Wittgenstein earlier. Philip is recorded on the Passenger list of the PA Merchant as Philip Cavel. Captain John Stedman was Master of this ship which arrived in Philadelphia on September 11, 1732. Philip’s early days in the Colonies were spent in Germantown. Philip eventually moved his family to Lancaster Co., PA. Philip lived in York Co., PA at the time of his death. It is not known when he moved to York…

Read more about Abraham and his descendants from family records housed at the chapter archive, submitted by Mike Sibbersen. If you have any information to contribute to this family, please contact the chapter.