Bergholz Presbyterian Church

Springfield Township
Jefferson County, Ohio

Presbyterianism in the Upper Ohio Valley

(Author, Andrew G. Slade, published 1976) – Title page - An authorized publication of the Presbytery of the Upper Ohio Valley in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the United States of American in 1976.

 Bergholz Trinity United Presbyterian Church –Nearly two hundred years ago, when the hills and valleys were dense and trackless wilderness, when the red man and the wild beasts held undisputed possession, the early pioneers began to make their appearance in this part of Ohio, redeeming it from its virgin condition…Among the first of these early pioneers of whom we have any knowledge of were Thomas George and Henry Crabs. These two families were the nucleus of this congregation, but its number was soon increased. The faith of these pioneers was rugged as their bodies. The first preaching services were conducted by Rev. George Buchanan, about the year 1810. Steubenville up through Columbiana County, and Carroll County, and back through Jefferson County, preaching at the different settlements and baptizing the last year’s crop of babies. And thus, the spark of living was kept alive by the visits of these pioneer preachers. In the year 1818, Yellow Creek Congregation was organized by the Rev. E.N. Scroggs, in connection with Scroggsfield and Glad Run. It was at this time that the Yellow Creek (now Mooretown) Church Cemetery was founded. The elders erected and ordained were Thomas George and Henry Crabs. The first sacrament was dispensed by the Rev. Scroggs and Dr. Ramsey. A cemetery was added in 1818. By 1828 the first church building had been constructed at the Mooretown-Yellow Creek Church. A fire consumed this original building, and in 1858 the congregation joined together to rebuild a new frame building on the original site, which stands today… (recently burned down)...During the year 1856, the original “charge” became three separate “charges” and the Rev. Thomas Simpson was called to the pastorate of the Yellow Creek congregation. Accepting a call to preaching to the congregation of both Yellow Creek and Grant’s Hill, the Rev. H.Y. Leeper began a period of leadership in January 1870. He later established a Mission Station at Bergholz; the Women’s Missionary Society was founded due to zeal and untiring efforts of Mrs. Leeper. She led the Yellow Creek Congregation to great strength and made it known as one of the highest Presbytery in proportion to its membership. The Mission Station, which was founded in 1886, whose members came from transfers from the Mooretown-Yellow Creek Congregation, erected its first edifice on the corner of Second and Jefferson Streets, in 1886, and on December 1, 1886, Rev. Leeper began serving the Yellow Creek Mission. The Bergholz United Presbyterian Church building was dedicated in 1893 and 1909 saw the Mission Station formally organized into a congregation. Through the years and growth, the Bergholz United Presbyterian Church eventually merged with its parent in 1947, with Yellow Creek, its Mission Station and Bergholz United Presbyterian Church took place, and the congregation settled into life at the Bergholz church building… Henry Wilson Crabs, John Dorrance, and R. Leeper Stevenson entered into full-time Christian service form the Yellow Creek Church. (Ministers from Mooretown through 1959, First Presbyterian to 1958, and Trinity Presbyterian Church to 1975.)

Ministers Mooretown Yellow Creek U.P. Church
E. N. Scroggs - 1818
John Donaldson - 1823-1835
James Patterson - 1837-1855
Thomas Easton - 1855-1856
Thomas Simpson - 1856-1861
James Golden - 1864-1869
H.Y. Leeper - 1870-1902
H.Y. Leeper - 1886-1902
J. Walter Liggitt - 1904-1908

First Presbyterian Church
Israel Price - 1884
James Kirkbride - 1893-1895
Homer Seeley - 1896
A. McLean - 1897-1899
N.K. Crowe - 1901-1904

Trinity United Presbyterian Church
Union – April 12, 1959
Edwin E. Liddell - 1959