Annapolis Presbyterian Church

Salem Twp
Jefferson County, Ohio

Presbyterianism in the Upper Ohio Valley

(Author, Andrew G. Slade, published 1976) – Title page - An authorized publication of the Presbytery of the Upper Ohio Valley in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the United States of American in 1976.

Annapolis Presbyterian Church – On November 4, 1824, Rev. Thomas Hunt, Pastor of the Two Ridge Church, came to Annapolis and organized the First Presbyterian Church, the nineteenth church on the roll of Steubenville Presbytery. This organization was in connection with the Evangelical Lutheran and German Reformed, occupied a small edifice on the public ground facing Union Street. After Rev. John Dundass was called to the pastorate in 1840, the old church was torn down and a new brick edifice was erected by Jacob Shultz…early in the spring of 1879, having decided the building was not adequate for their needs that they should erect a new building. Under the direction of George M. Gault, Amos Albaugh and Ezekiel Kerr, founds and materials were gathered to build a church…the plot of ground on which the building now stands was presented and deed given to the congregation by Aunt Polly Wilson. Mr. Gault, Mr. Albaugh, and Mr. Kerr canvassed the community for funds. Mr. William I. Miser and a few others donated a sum of money for building a belfry. Mr. Gault traveled to New Jersey to purchase a bell, which he presented, and which still calls people to worship. Ezekiel Kerr donated timber and James McKee finished it into lumber. The ladies gave the interior furnishings. The contract for the erection of the building was left to Robert M. Shultz, grandson of the afore-mentioned Jacob Shultz. In June of 1879, the framework was raised and on October 24, the new church was dedicated, entirely free of debt. The church was remodeled during the pastorate of Rev. Gans, 1922 – 1924, with electricity being installed.