David & wife Nancy Andrews tombstones found at
Andrews Private Cemetery

Abstracted by Flora L VerStraten

Deed Record G pg. 524, 1821 - John ANDREWS to David ANDREWS and wife Agnes, 21 Dec 1820 for $400. On the waters of town fork of Yellow Creek NW quarters, Sec #6, Twp. #10, Range #3, recorded by Isaac Shane, 15 Jan 1821.

Deed Record Y pg. 455, 1846 - U.S. to John ANDREWS from James MADISON, President of the United States of America.  John ANDREWS of Washington Co, PA, having deposited in the treasury a certificate of the register of the land office at Steubenville full payment for Lot or Sec. #6, of Twp #10, in Range #3, lands directed to be sold at Steub, act of congress…”an act providing for the sale of Lands of the United States in the Territory NW, of the Ohio, above the mouth of Kentucky River.”  Dated Jeff Co. 15 Apr 1846 signed by recorder, George Beatty.

Deed Record 59 pg. 17, 1885 - Jane ANDREWS, Nancy HOBSON her husband, Stephen, Margaret ANDREWS, Kate HAGAN her husband David ANDREWS, Francis M. ANDREWS his wife, and James and Thomas ANDREWSAnn E. HOUSE and Wm. A HOUSE her husband.  $550.00 pd. To them from George McCAUSLAND Salem Twp., SE quarter Sec #6, Range #6, Twp #10… Pile of stones southern line to a stake in bank of creek…  12 Aug 1885 Signed, Jane Andrews, James Andrews, Maggie Andrews, Nancy J. Hobson, E.K. Hagan, D.R. Andrews, Francis M. Andrews, Wm. A. House, Anna E. House, Thomas Andrews, Stephen A. Hobson.  

The deeds above are perfect examples of extraordinary deed search results.  One maiden name was listed, along with surnames of burials from the family graveyard, of which many stones are no longer legible.  It is strongly believed that this John Andrews was the Revolutionary Soldier (showing on land deed certificate from U.S. President, above) was buried originally on this (his) land. We have not figured out how two other tombstones exist for John Andrews, the Revolutionary War patriot and also a veteran of the War of 1812. One tombstone was located in the Richmond Presbyterian Church graveyard, while yet another was discovered for a John Andrews,veteran, in the Annapolis on the hill (Heisler) cemetery. While recovering tombstones and reading stones in the small Andrews graveyard, where the original Presbyterian or Union Church was built (before the Richmond Presby.), just outside of Richmond not even 2 miles,  we have confirmed and recovered a Margaret, Nancy, David, and Rebecca Andrew’s tombstones in the Andrews Cemetery. These tombstones could have well been "left behind" if and when they were reinterred at the Richmond Presbyterian Church cemetery, later. We strongly suspect that John Andrew would have been buried in this location FIRST, proving this to be his land when he first settled here.

It is quite possible that Margaret, Nancy, David and Rebecca and others were re-interred when the Presbyterian Church in Richmond was built (abt. 1830) and the cemetery at the church was established. We have located wills that reference the Andrew's Cemetery and stating, "when the Richmond Presbyterian church is completed and the church cemetery is established, I request re-interments from the David Andrews graveyard to the church cemetery." This would confirm our suspicions that many were moved from the small Union graveyard, where John Andrews first held church services in a log cabin on his land to be the correct location. Of course by 1830, John Andrews would already be deceased and David may have been a younger brother, son or grandson.

Sixteen tombstones were located in this mess of a graveyard. Large holes from what appears to be "removals" are obvious. Most of the tombstones appear to pre-date 1830's, native stone, in a beautiful ornate style known during that time period.  So, with the deed data, and references in other will data, this location could  very well be where Col. John Andrews held the first church (Union Church) services in his log house and the earliest burials occurred. 

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